Ice Ice Baby: Part 2

Well, the day had come: Iceland day! And it was a lonnngg day ahead.

Jessie and I began our day at around 8am-ish and drove to DC. Let me tell you, DC traffic is not a good time. We were heading there to meet her friend who would then take us to the bus station that would then take us to BWI Airport. I felt like I was just literally along for the ride. Yolo, amiright?

(Pic above- Jessie and I on the bus to BWI. I am on the left and she is on the right.)

At this point, like I’ve said before, I was not yet diagnosed with borderline, so I felt somewhat free. Free in an aspect in which I did not care what happened to me. I literally didn’t care about my life or what happened. All I knew was that I was going to Iceland.

**NOTE** Before I forget. At this point, I was in a relationship. At the time I didn’t see it’s toxicity or my borderline tendencies, but throughout this trip, they will pop up. <– Keep that in the back of your mind especially for future posts. 

Anywho- We wait for our flight with WOW air and the stewardesses are literally the CUTEST things I’ve ever seen. Them and their Icelandic accents, speaking all Icelandic. Ugh, why can’t I be Icelandic?


At that point, we know our flight was about to board and here we go! I mean, it was delayed because of snow, but it was January, what can you expect. Although, it is an Icelandic airline and you would think they could fly through anything, but that’s me going off track.

So, we board. Passports in hand. I’ve literally never left the USA before. Jessie has though, she’s been to Ireland previously and it’s where her heart belongs, so naturally, we’re going back for a reason: TO FIND HER AN BURLY, DRUNK, STUDLY, IRISHMAN.


The flight to Iceland was about 5-6 hours if I remember correctly, and when we land it is so windy, cold, and dark. Just how I like it. Since we went in January, daylight hours are not long at all; about 5 at most- if it was sunny and not snowing. When you hop off the plane you have to take a bus to the Keflavik airport. So, we packed up like a bunch of sardines and headed to the airport to catch a bus to Reykjavik.

First on our agenda once we hit Reykjavik? The BLUE LAGOON! (Best way to say that is how the super old NBA games for Playstation would say SHAQUILLE O’ NEAL!) IMG_7158

You may we wondering how our experience with the Blue Lagoon was. It gets a relatively bad rep ONLY because it can be super crowded and expensive. However, it is recommended that you book a time slot in advance. When we got there, which was late since our plane was delayed, the line was SUPER long and it was relatively early in the day. Errybody wants those healing properties. Before you get into the Blue Lagoon, you MUST shower and you can ONLY use their soap, shampoo, and conditioner. Trust me, don’t skimp out on this. Since it’s a geothermal heating pool, it can be pretty harsh on your hair. I just had my hair dyed, so my hair stylist said, ” DO NOT LET YOUR HAIR TOUCH THAT WATER!” So, I listened, but I still washed my hair with their conditioner just in case. Bottom line, don’t be one of those dirty people and not follow directions. This place is amazing and just, don’t ruin it, please. K thanks.

As you leave the shower house, which for me got kinda confusing at first because my mind likes to run together for something things, you’re greeted by a long wooden ramp to either run down or walk down depending on how freezing you are. I immediately got self-conscious by people staring, so I walked rather fast down that ramp to cover myself in the warm water. It literally felt like a bathtub. A beautiful, blue bathtub surrounded by snow. The cool thing about the Blue Lagoon is that they have a swim-up bar and an area where you can try face masks. You guessed it, Jessie and I did both. Smoothies were delicious by the way. It’s all the in the package we purchased. Do that one, trust me.

After a few hours, we decided to shower, re-bundle ourselves in our 293847 layers of clothing and head back to our hostel in Reykjavik. We got our beds in a room full of 8 individuals who were from all over the world. They all seemed super friendly, and then, of course, you had the one that didn’t speak.

Jessie and I then decided to head out and explore the town of Reykjavik. Turns out her Aunt and Uncle were also in town. It’s a small world after all right? We stopped at this super cute coffee shop where the people were really friendly. I’m used to Starbucks lingo and let me tell you, there is NO Starbucks in Iceland. So, I had to try and go all Icelandic on this ‘barista.’ Here’s what I came up with:


I literally don’t remember what it was, but it was delicious I do know that. Starbucks: learn some tips.

After we departed from Jessie’s aunt and uncle, we proceeded to investigate Reykjavik on the way back to our hostel. What did we find? THE FAMOUS HOTDOG. IMG_7165.JPG

Those things are SO GOOD, OH MY GOODNESS. We were tempted to just live off of those the rest of our time in Reykjavik. Cheap and tasty.

Full and exhausted, we went back to our hostel and crashed.

Oh yeah, on the way back, of course, I foundz a kat.


Day one wasn’t bad for borderline. It was masked by excitement and exhaustion.

However, that was only day 1.

Stay tuned for day 2-3.


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