Ice Ice Baby Part 1

Sometime in August 2017-

Me: “Hey, let’s go to Iceland in January!”

Jessie: “What?”

Me: “Yeah! Think you can go? Becausssseee I’m about to hit purchase on two tickets with WOW air to Keflavik.

Jessie: “I don’t know… I think so…maybe?”

Me: “Great!” Literally says “YOLO” and clicks purchase.

Yep, I just spent $1600 on two tickets to Iceland. I think at the time I was saving up for something, but instead, I decided to make Iceland a graduation present.

Little did I know at the time that would be the first of a long list of VERY expensive impulsive purchases. And at that time I had NO idea why.

Honestly, I wish I could remember where I had gotten so much money for this trip because I remember immediately purchasing Icelandic necessities, which by the way was SO MUCH FUN.

I’m a name brand snob. Pretty sure I get that from my mother. So, I couldn’t go cheap. I HAD to have a Northface jacket, gloves, and backpack, Columbia ice boots, and thermal Nike shirts. Granted, I did get all of this off of Amazon… does that help? See, I was somewhat cost conscious!

Meanwhile, my friend Jessie who I basically made go on this trip with me, was smart and got all of her stuff at an affordable price. That girl knows how to thrift shop and save her money. However, I like to make it rain, especially with money I don’t have.

(Can we see the unknown borderline trend happening here?)

About a month later, Jessie tells me shes adding Ireland onto our trip.


Color me excited! Two countries in two weeks?? The only place I’ve been which was ‘out of the country’ was St. Thomas… However, that’s a US Virgin Island, so that doesn’t really count.

Luckily, Ireland is significantly cheaper than Iceland and a plane ride with WOW Air was just a hop across the pond, so it wasn’t a hassle at all. Oh, and when I say significantly cheaper than Iceland, I mean it.

Don’t worry, I’ll post a “Do’s and Don’ts for Iceland” post later on. And trust me, you will want to read it.  

All in all, I think I spent more money purchasing items for this trip as opposed to saving money. BIG MISTAKE.

What can we take away from this?

Borderline symptoms:

Impulsive spending of money

Impulsive decision to go on an international trip.

For someone who is going to get diagnosed with BPD when they get back from this trip, these events are insignificant when it comes to “impulsive.” In a span of 2-3 days, I made the decision to go to a foreign country and bought tickets. Consequences? Research? WHO CARES! 

Whatever happens, happens. Amiright?

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